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Firefighters Braced For Spike In Calls Over Bondage Mishaps! Why?


Happy Valentine’s weekend.

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Wisconsin Woman Kicked Out Of McDonald’s Over Kangaroo ‘Service Animal’


His name is Jimmy. Read more

Teenager Murders Senior Citizen Because She “Just Wanted To Kill Someone”


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Man Buys Lottery Ticket To Break $100 Bill – Wins $10M Jackpot


MASSACHUSETTS – One man hit a huge stroke of luck after buying two lottery tickets at a Boston sandwich shop to break a $100 bill so he could buy lunch. It was his lucky day, because the man won a $10 million jackpot!

The man, Richard Noll, claimed the prize at the lottery headquarters in Braintree earlier this week. He chose to receive the money in a one-time payment of a measly $6.5 Million after taxes.

In a brief interview, Noll said he only bought the two Platinum Millions instant lottery tickets when he went into a sandwich shop and needed to break a $100 bill to pay for lunch. The shop receives a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket, and all the excitement and promotion that comes from selling a winning lottery ticket.

Noll said he will buy a house, make some investments, and take his granddaughter to Walt Disney World.

Lucky prick.

Chinese Man In Coma Woken Up By Smell Of Money


It’s going to be really hard to say he’s not greedy. Read more

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