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Man Robbed Of $2 At Arby’s During First Date


Investigators say it was quite possibly the worst first date of all time. Read more

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Man Robs Subway Because He Tried Their Famous Diet And Failed

Zachary Rapheal Torrance is pictured in this booking photo

He just wanted to be like Jared.  Read more

Quadruple Amputee On The Run After His Parents Were Murdered Considered Armed & Dangerous’


Those are definitely not words I ever thought I would be writing. Read more

Woman Robs Man – Stashes $25,000 Rolex In Her Vagina


How did that end up in there? Read more

Woman Intentionally Drives Into Plasma Donation Center After Being Told She Couldn’t Donate


She just wanted to help save lives. She’s a victim. The people that rejected her are the bad guys. Read more

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